Sport is an extremely important part of the lives of Canadian children, and it is my belief that we must work together to improve amateur athletic funding in this country.


As a two-time Canadian Olympian, I understand the daily financial uncertainty facing athletes in this country. Without a source of income, the combined costs of training camps, travel, equipment, and living expenses make it difficult for many young Canadians to focus on their athletic goals. The under funding of our amateur athletes is a trend I aim to reverse.


In 2011, I launched the Gary Reed Athletics Fund, a non-profit organization that provides financial support to Canadian track & field hopefuls. Our mission is to help amateur Canadian track athletes fulfill their Olympic dreams.For me, this organization is about much more than donating time and money. It represents the fulfillment of my lifetime goal to enrich the lives of Canadian youth and families through the power of sport. By investing in our athletes, we can foster a healthy sporting culture here in Canada, and help our athletes succeed on the world stage.